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Russian Hair €395 on 6 packs + shampoo, conditioner & brush

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Russian Hair offer 6 packs for €395

Russian Hair offer
Hair Extensions Price List
6 Packs / 120 extensions €395 September/October Offer Includes shampoo, conditioner & brush.
5 Packs / 100 extensions €345 For volume and length.
4 Packs / 80 extensions €345 This is a three quarters head for most clients
3 Packs / 60 extensions €315
2 Packs / 40 extensions €250 For volume
1 Pack / 20 extensions €150 For volume

Hairspray is Ireland's no.1 hair extensions company. We brought hair extensions to the mainstream in Ireland almost 12 years ago. Since then we have been at the cutting edge of the industry creating new hair extension systems and styles which has enabled our team to transform a clients look within hours.

The most popular extension product our clients request is the new Russian Hair Extensions which are considered to be the World's most luxurious hair. The texture of the Russian Hair is silky and perfect for beautiful volume and length and lasts far longer than many other brands.

Hairspray have 3 hair extension salons in both Dublin and one in Cork. Our salon team have all been trained to the highest standard at our famous hair extensions academy which guarantees you the best results every time.

System 3 – Pre-bonded Extensions

Russian Hair: €345 100 extension bonds

The pre bonded hair is pre-glued at the top of the extension to make application simple. As seen in the video the tip of the pre-bond is placed beside the models hair and a bonded with a professional head clamp. This system is the most popular with our clients and takes on average 90 minutes to be applied.

Most clients only require 5 packs. The cutting and the styling are part of this service.

System 4 – Micro Beading – no glue

Russian Hair: €350

Many of our customers request the micro beading hair extensions system. As seen in the short clip this system uses a hair extension i-tip that is looped through a micro ring to create a strong bond. The benefit of micro beading is that our hair extension specialist uses no glue. This system takes on average 90 minutes to be applied.

Our special price includes 5 packs of hair extensions (total 100 extensions) which is excellent value. If you require additional hair the price is €40 per pack for the Spanish Hair and €50 per pack for the Russian Hair. The cutting and the styling are part of this service. You will be a complementary a shampoo and conditioner for extensions and an extension brush.

System 1: Hair Extensions for Volume

Many of our clients do not need a full head of extensions. They are simply looking for volume and length and require around 3 packs which is 60 extension tips for €350

Three packs is around 2 rows of extensions which creates lots of volume and a little bit of length. Please watch video for to see.