Hair Extensions Training

Hairspray brought hair extensions to the mainstream in Ireland over 12 years ago. In 2004 we opened the first ever hair extensions training academy in the country where we have since trained over 80% of all salons and freelance hairdressers that apply extensions.

Our head instructor Dolores Mackenzie regularly travels to hair seminars around the world to keep up to speed on the latest extension trends and systems which she constantly introduces onto the courses.

Hairspray teaches a wide variety of people which not only include qualified hairdressers and stylists but also men and woman that have had no previous hair experience.

Hair courses trainees video introduction

We have 2 courses available. If you are looking to apply extensions in a professional capacity (and have no previous hair extension experience) we strongly recommend you first enroll for course 1. In this foundation course you will learn all the technical aspects of the trade using a mannequin. After you complete course 1 we recommend that you work on models and friends over a few weeks period to build up your speed and knowledge.

Then to perfect your skills you enroll for the advanced intensive course 2 which teaches you how to work on more difficult style heads, like layered bobs and blending awkward colours. In this essential advanced course you will learn to perfect your craft and understand the finer details of hair extensions while working on your model.

Hair courses trainees with diplomas

Course 1: Foundation Course / €299 Working on mannequin

This price includes your full kit and professional hands on training with the instructors while also working on a Mannequin for the day.

In this course you will learn all the essential technical aspects of how to apply hair extensions, client consultations, colour matching and the art of sectioning and rolling the bonds. You can choose if you want to be trained in either u-tips or i-tips.

Course 2: Advanced Course / €399 Working on a model

Price is €499 if you have no kit and have not completed course 1.

This one day course is for people that have either completed course 1 or have worked in the hair extension industry and now want to improve their knowledge and skills to a professional standard while ironing out any bad habits.

In this course you will work solely on your model (model pays a separate discounted fee of €150 for 6 packs of Russian Hair). You can choose if you want to be trained in either u-tips or i-tips.

Our 1 day courses commence on a Monday at 10am in Henry Street, Dublin 1.
To enroll call (01) 429 5688 or e-mail

Hair Extension Pre-bonded Course

Pre-bonded hair extensions have become the most popular system in Ireland as the application is simple to learn and easy to apply. This system requires a small heat clamp to be placed over the pre-bonded hair extension and clamped down. Our head instructor Dolores Mackenzie teaches the art of sectioning, rolling the bonds and creating the all important V design for shaping natural looking hair extensions.

When we use the term pre-bonded, this means that the tip of the hair extension is dipped in glue to make a perfect U-tip before leaving the hair factory. This saves time as you do not have to make your own bonds. This system takes only two hours to complete a full head with your salon clients.

Pre-bonded Kit includes - diploma, beauty case, pre-bonded clamp, removal pliers and silicone mat for rolling.

Hair courses in Hairspray

Hair Extension Micro Beading Course / Non-glue

Many of our trainees that enrol at our academy request the micro beading hair extensions course. The reason for it's popularity is that their is no glue required to attach the extension to the clients hair. As seen in the short clip this system uses a hair extension i - tip that is looped through a micro ring to create a bond that will last 3 to 4 months. This system is also very easy to apply.

Micro ring kit includes - aluminium tool case which hold 5 packs of micro beads totalling 1250, 3 hooks, pulling needle, opening and closing pliers. You will also receive your Hairspray diploma certificate.

Hair course kit
To apply for one of our courses email
Please specify if you would like to enrol for course 3 or 4 and the dates that are suitable to you.

Wholesale Hair Extensions

The number one reason clients come back to a salon is for great quality hair and service. Poor quality hair and bad extensions is the fastest way to loose your clients. When you train with Hairspray you will avail of our excellent trade prices on Ireland's best selling Russian Hair and Spanish Hair.

Russian Hair